Mount Chocolympus
The Highest Mountain of the Sugar Kingdom
At the center of the Sugar Kingdom rests the mightiest of all mountains: Mount Chocolympus. Frosting peaks crown the marbled giant — at its top, the Grand Candy Castle. All lands are under the Candy King’s gaze, for he is its watchful Lord. Many terraces are shaped onto the multi-layered mountain, each higher in its Sweetness Grade the closer they are to the top.
Beyond Mount Chocolympus lie the lands of the Sugar Kingdom and the Wild Frontiers. Rivers of chocolate, meadows of sour jelly, quarries of marzipan… The Kingdom is vast, and its bounty plenty for all those who wish to share the Candy King’s vision: to create the greatest place to grow and thrive — a place where sweet dreams come true.
Mount Chocolympus MVP
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