How it taste?

Land Definition

The Sugar Kingdom is divided into tokenized plots of land which act as Hubs por players to gather, share and play. Lands can be upgraded, so that their owners may become the most prestigious in the Kingdom, and they can be customized, so that they may come alive with their briming personality.


  • Commissions

    Sweet Mode can only be played inside a suitable Land. When a player plays a game of Sweet Mode in it, 20% of their earnings will go to the Owner of the Land.
  • Upgrades

    In time, Lands will be capable of being upgraded with different installations that will raise its commercial potential sky-high! Higher Bonuses for earnings, Priority Points and more!
  • Customizables

    There are several elements that a Land Owner can request to be built inside their plot. These are not only for embellishment: as they may be personally customized by Apes International Group Corp. so that they fittingly reflect their owner’s identity!
  • Land Name

    Land Owners may name their lands as they see fit for all the world to see, know and love!

Host Interface

  • Interface
    All Land Names can be seen in the Game’s Menu. On this board, players will be able to either search their favourite Land and join it, or choose to be sent to the best Land available at the time in order to play.
  • Priority System
    The order in which these Land Names are seen, from top to bottom, is determined by the Priority System. Land Owners can accumulate Priority for their Lands and gain incredible benefits. These are some of the ways they can do this:
Land Quantity: The Amount of Lands a single Owner has.
Land Quality: The Quality of their Lands (the higher the better!).
Land Development: How much they’ve Built inside their Lands.