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— It's a new day: you are now the King of the Sugar Kingdom. As soon as you log in, the change is noticeable: "Good Morning, Your Highness" is how you are greeted into the Courtroom.
The whole ambience has been reshaped with golden frameworks, shimmering buttons and a brand-new regal background.
“Your daily report, your Highness” calls the court assistant. It shares with you a concise report for your daily income and most valuable data for the financial state of the Kingdom. After all, a king must know what is going on in his fiefs. The Royalty of the Kingdom calls for your attention: they require your vote to define a matter of public interest. The glimmer of a golden chest under the label “Treasury” stacks day after day, accumulating the Kingdom’s Tribute. All should be reminded of who is their king, which is why your name is at the gate into everyone’s daily piece of fun. Yet, for all your grandeur you are yet kind — favor some of the less fortunate souls in the kingdom by your grace: with no costs to you, they will find themselves earning more for the day. And they’ll know it is all thanks to the Royalty of Sugar Kingdom, you!

Features of the Royalty

Royalty: there are different tiers of Royalty, each with different Customizations, Privileges and claims to Vote Rights & Treasury among other special features. In order to reach Royalty Status, one must at least possess Royalty Points.
Royal Title
Available Titles
Kind of Noble
King / Queen
Highest authority of the Kingdom
Be the player with the most Royalty Points at least 20,000
Prince / Princess
Members of the Crown
Top 20 players with the most Royalty Points at least 20,000
Archduke / Archduchess
Councilors of the Crown
Top 100 players with the most Royalty Points or at least 20,000
Duke / Duchess
Important partners and friends of the Crown
At least 12000 Royalty Points
Elector / Electress
Important partners of the Crown
At least 11000 Royalty Points
Marquess / Marchioness
Important partners of the Crown
At least 10000 Royalty Points
Count / Countess
Partners of the Crown
At least 8000 Royalty Points
Baron / Baroness
Partners of the Crown
At least 7000 Royalty Points
Baronet / Baronetess
Regional Nobles
At least 4000 Royalty Points
Lord / Lady
Regional Nobles
At least 3000 Royalty Points
Local Nobles
At least 1000 Royalty Points
Local Nobles
At least 250 Royalty Points
Royalty’s Court:
  • Royalty’s Court: Different Menu-Interface skins depending on Royalty Rank.
  • Royalty Avatar: Special Frame for Avatar depending on Royalty Rank.
  • Social Status: Royalty can share their Royalty Status on social media.
  • Royalty Highlight: Special Highlight inside the Global Game Menu interface depending on Royalty Rank.
  • Royalty Rank Icon: an Icon reflecting the Royalty’s Status will be seen in the Player Rank (and Land selection) screen.
  • Daily Report: Daily Income Report (information about income and balance in the Sugar Kingdom) — limited to certain high ranks.
  • Royalty Remarks: custom messages within the interface customized by Royalty Title.
  • Treasury: Get a global % of all player earnings as Tribute, depending on Royalty Rank.
  • Governance System: the King and the Royaltys can vote on decisions.
  • Land Improvements: Land Owners can improve their Lands with several upgrades in order to boost their income generation capabilities. In order to access each tier of upgrades, they must possess a certain amount and quality of NFTs.
  • Wild Frontiers Adventures is an adventure-style feature through which players can venture into the Wild Frontiers and play for rewards, make narrative decisions that may bring fortune or catastrophe, and more!
  • By playing Sweet Mode and the other Sugar Kingdom's games, you get Tickets. If you are from The Royalty, you get X+ daily passive Tickets. Tickets can be used to access special events and features with priority (which means you will be able to access unique rewards which only 1 person can earn). They can also be used to purchase special items and elements only available for a limited time.


  • You can support your Lord and give them Influence Points in order to make them grow.
  • Followers gain a % bonus to their earnings according to their Lord’s level. Likewise, Lords get a bonus % over the total earnings of their Followers.

  • Lords can also finance Expeditions which people (Followers have priority) can undertake in order to get great rewards. Higher Lord RANKS can have MORE Followers.

  • Inactive Followers are automatically kicked from a Lord’s Realm. Connect with TREASURY feature.

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Features of the Royalty