Why Binance Smart Chain?
One of the critical factors for the success of a blockchain game project is user traffic and massive adoption of the game.
This year, Binance Smart Chain proved to be the most influential network in the gaming world, with an exponential and sustained growth in the amount of users who interact with gaming protocols.
This growth is due to three main factors:
  • Less transaction costs inside the Ethereum network: The costs that arise from the interaction with the contract are essential for players, since, in particular occasions, the high fees of some blockchains make players waste their money if they actively take part in the project over a long period of time.
  • Wide market distribution and compatibility with the “Ethereum Virtual Machine”: The network is highly compatible with the Ethereum network. Furthermore, it is the network which has shown the most significant growth in terms of adoption and access of new participants.
  • Presence of successful games, with large numbers of users: Currently, a lot of popular games are deployed using Binance Smart Chain. This means that this is a familiar network for our users.
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