Value Proposal
What are the wishes of our users? What is our solution?
Players desires
Current market problems
Sugar Kingdom's Solution
Blockchain games do not provide players with a good user experience, they are not fun.
Enjoying a great Match-3 Puzzle Game like in traditional market, but with Blockchain Technology and Metevarse features.
Safe investment
Most of the games do not integrate their internal economy efficiently.
Professional management of Sugar Kingdom´s economy, through the use of simulation softwares.
An unfair distribution of the assets inside the game, which does not value players’ investment.
Great incentives and rewards scheme for the time and the money invested by the user.
Avoiding fraud
Unsupported projects which do not have a long term vision and have a temporary impact.
A committed project, with a clear communication and responsibility.
Testing games
Extremely high entrance barriers, difficulties to find opportunities.
Play Sugar Kingdom without investing capital, it is simple and really catching!
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