Market & Strategic Propositions

Market description and competitive advantages

Over the last time, due to the huge expansion of the cryptocurrency market in general, and of the blockchain gaming market in particular, the available offer has significantly risen, together with the disruption caused by this technology, which has an immense and strong growth over time, no matter if this is measured in terms of users or in terms of invested capital in the sector. Unfortunately, many of these proposals provide users with a poor user experience, a weak gaming economy and a universe with an extremely wide range of possibilities, together with a gameplay which is unnecessarily complex for traditional users. At the same time, these games require capital and time investment, which in many cases is too excessive for users. It is extremely difficult for users to enter into this world, due to the long learning curve that they have to go through, the excessive sums of capital that they have to invest without having access to a previous test of the product, and the obligation to play for long hours in order not to lose their progress and possible earnings within the universe of each game. On the other hand, Sugar Kingdom’s value proposition consists of a free trial scheme, with an easy-to-learn, brief and exciting gameplay, strongly oriented towards the user. It does not force users to spend many hours a day in front of the screen. This in turn widens the scope of potential clients for the platform, democratizes its access, and turns it into a highly attractive option for gamers and investors.
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